Multiple Intelligence Quiz

Question 1

I keep or like pets.

Question 2

I am good at (or would like to learn) foreign languages.

Question 3

I get restless easily.

Question 4

I have a clear concept of my values and beliefs.

Question 5

I use lots of different words to express myself.

Question 6

I like ratios, percentages, fractions, and statistics.

Question 7

I enjoy social events like parties.

Question 8

I like to think through problems while I walk or run.

Question 9

I am an independent thinker. I know my own mind.

Question 10

I enjoy making music.

Question 11

I have a good sense of direction.

Question 12

I enjoy working on my own.

Question 13

I know myself well.

Question 14

I enjoying learning about the Earth (including plants, animals, weather, etc.).

Question 15

I can recognize and name different types of birds and plants.

Question 16

I can pick out different instruments when I listen to a piece of music.

Question 17

I can picture scenes in my head when I remember things.

Question 18

I can take things apart and put them back together easily.

Question 19

I learn well from listening to others.

Question 20

I can link things together and pick out patterns easily.

Question 21

I am curious about how/why things work the way they do.

Question 22

I am observant. I often see things others miss.

Question 23

I can remember pieces of music easily.

Question 24

I like to work with my hands.

Question 25

I always do things one step at a time.

Question 26

I like to use charts and diagrams in my learning.

Question 27

I have a good sense of balance and like to move around a lot.

Question 28

I can sort out arguments between friends.

Question 29

I like to work with a team.

Question 30

I find it easy to explain things to others.

Question 31

I like working and thinking on my own and quietly.

Question 32

I enjoy being outdoors when I learn.

Question 33

I enjoy games involving other people.

Question 34

Pollution makes me angry.

Question 35

I remember things like telephone numbers by repeating them to a rhythm.

Question 36

I am good at mathematical problems and using numbers.

Question 37

My mood changes when I listen to music.

Question 38

I like to think out loud.

Question 39

I am sensitive to the moods and feelings of others.

Question 40

I enjoy logic problems and puzzles.